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Are you 16-25 and interested in media? Are you a business or a brand looking for young diverse talent in media? Talk 2 Dan.

Daniel Acheampong
Future Leader & Co-founder of Talk2Dan

Daniel Acheampong is the Founder of Talk 2 Dan, a media recruitment and consultancy agency. 

Talk 2 Dan works with young people who want to break into the creative industry, to help them build employability skills, ranging from building their CV to understanding how to network. They also work with brands that really want to attract young people within media, from all walks of life.

We spoke to Dan about why he started Talk 2 Dan, how it has evolved into a media recruitment and consultancy agency and his future leaders experience.

Why Talk 2 Dan 

Starting in the creative industry was not easy, my exposure to media and all things creative was the Harry Potter sequels. I was always curious as to what I saw on screen from the narrative to special effects to cinematography. I was willing to learn and understand the industry and most importantly build contacts! I live by the saying – “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. 

I Gained my experience at small independent production companies and household names such as Channel 4, Sky and ITV, but I struggled to understand how to break into the industry. 

I soaked everything up like a sponge and learned from industry professionals. However, I kept seeing other like-minded young people going through the problems I was going through such as not knowing how to write a CV, network, or write a good application to succeed at interview stage.

Through this experience, I created Talk 2 Dan to help young people aged 16-25 to break into the media industry so that they have the space/platform to overcome these problems within the creative industry. 

Evolving into a media recruitment & consultancy agency

People ask – Was your business like when you first started? Well, Talk 2 Dan was entirely different- It started off as an initiative to motivate young people to believe in themselves and to get into the media industry. I didn’t initially have a business model for Talk 2 Dan. 

I was facilitating events and 1-1 sessions where I was teaching young people employability skills within the media. I was also helping young people land jobs and work experience with brands, so I was sourcing candidates too. 

With all that being said, whilst I was running Talk 2 Dan, my older brother Chris would keep telling me ‘you know you’re a recruiter & consultant,  I kept rejecting the message as I didn’t like the title one bit. I kept advising young people and getting them into creative jobs, and with time I started to realise that I actually was a media recruiter and consultant. This is where my brother helped me to understand my business model and how I could actually monetise and think on a large scale. A big thank you to my brother as I don’t know where I would have been if he hadn’t said this to me, or if I hadn’t taken action, moral of the story – two heads are better than one.  You need to be prepared for change and be ready to evolve in business. Chris saw something I didn’t see and these things can happen when you’re fully invested in your business. 

Who Talk 2 Dan has worked with

Talk 2 Dan has been running since January 2017 and over time we have worked with some amazing household names & independent companies.

We have worked with Eric Fest, RoundHouse, We Love Chatter, ITV, Ascension Agency, Gate Theatre, NBC Universal, Donmar Warehouse Theatre, Fourteen 19, Shiny Awards, BBC Sport, Sony Music, Sour Lemons & Renaissance Studios.

We’ve also been in conversation with: Warner Music; Sky; Taylor Bennett Foundation; Cardboard Citizens Theatre; Viacom CBS International [home of MTV & Nickelodeon]; Story Terrace; Into Games; Beards and Books; Hachette UK; Neko Trust; Skiddle; BFI and  Escape Studios about future work

We have worked with so many great names and we aim to add to this list. I would love to work with even more future brands and media companies to connect young people from all walks of life to get their foot through the door. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

My Future Leaders Experience

One word for this experience – GOLD! A big thank you to TPXimpact team and Ada College for putting together this amazing programme. A special thank you to Bryony for forwarding the opportunity to me to apply and believing that I would be an ideal candidate, it’s been such a humbling experience. I learnt so much from the course and Craig was an amazing coach, from understanding how I go about building a team to take Talk 2 Dan to the next level to the  contacts I have built for life from this course,  it is just something that will stay with me forever. I can’t wait to achieve my goals andI will  keep everyone in the loop on where Talk 2 Dan goes.

Finally, if you know a young creative aged 16 and over trying to break into the media industry and would like to hear more about opportunities/events within the Talk 2 Dan network make sure they get in touch and Join the Talk 2 Dan freelance talent pool today!

If you know a business that is looking for young people within media from all walks of life get them to get in touch too! 




Daniel Acheampong
Future Leader & Co-founder of Talk2Dan