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Honor Paddock
CMO of human+

human+ is a robotic process automation partner. Borne out of Notbinary and our operational and technical experience, we recognised the need for a stand alone business to deliver RPA consultancy, implementation and ongoing support. We launched at the end of February 2019. 

The reason why we’re called human+ is because we want to put people at the centre of automation. So what do we mean by that? Firstly it’s about being inclusive, accessible and open. RPA is a technology which works best when driven by the department that is going to benefit from it so talking their language and not blinding them with IT jargon is a big part of our proposition. 

And secondly, while it’s inevitable that some jobs will be at risk from automation in the short term, we feel passionately about helping organisations navigate the use of the technology in a sustainable way. So we all reap the benefits that automation will have on our long term economy. (Read the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy latest report on why we need to invest in Automation) In practice this means at the outset of a project we seek out the tricky conversations with unions about any impact on jobs and actively shy away from businesses that simply want to replace all of their people with bots. 

A few examples of RPA adoption 

  • A university’s HR department needed us to use RPA to clear a backlog of work. The first payroll process, which would normally take a human around 10 minutes to complete, was completed by ‘Barbara the Bot’ (as she is known internally) in only 59 seconds.  Over the three-month Proof of Value (PoV) period, the University’s HR team saw more than £75,000 of savings, based on 3,300 working hours being released back into the team from time-consuming processes via the power of automation.
  • We’ve automated the validation of prescription documents delivering valuable savings in time and resources for an NHS organisation and freed up pharmacists to provide more one to one patient clinical care.
  • Delivered a PoV to support a Local Authority to help them understand the context, needs, benefits & opportunities  for Automation. We automated a number of processes in Adult social services assessing and discharging patients for the local NHS. In addition supporting the automation to improve safeguarding for vulnerable children, planning services and payroll. 
Watch RPA in action and find out more about why organisations are adopting it. 

Our approach

Through our Proof of Value+, clients get to experience the automation of one process. The beauty of this approach is that it helps the organisation identify a process which is ripe for automation (many aren’t, so picking the right one is key), get to grips with implementation, what’s needed from those involved and identify any blockers; while at the same time we create a business plan for them for ongoing investment in the technology, while building employee engagement.   And at around £25k for the Proof of Value, it’s a low price point which comes with low risk. 

Our Tech Partners

We work with technology providers Blue Prism Cloud , Automation Anywhere and UI Path. The tech chosen is typically driven by the requirements of the client as they offer different solutions. (Thoughtonomy is actually built using the Blue Prism platform but has additional spec.)

Know of an opportunity for us or a potential lead?

We’re always on the look out for new work, so please contact David Biden (CEO) on 07716 315194 or email david.biden@human-plus.co.uk  or Ciara MacCooey (COO) on
07502 030157 or email ciara.maccooey@human-plus.co.uk



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Honor Paddock
CMO of human+