Want to know the best thing about the Panoply? It's our people...

Nikki Hoare
Senior People Partner at TPX

Having joined the Shared HR team in May this year as Senior People Partner, I can honestly say that I don’t know why I didn’t leave the stuffy corporate environment I’ve been used to much sooner in my career. The warm welcome has been amazing – a truly inclusive, family feel. It’s a cliche saying but it’s true of this company – the people are its best assets. A wonderful team.

My first couple of months were about meeting people, understanding the business and setting about a fact-finding mission from an HR perspective – structure, policies, processes and practices, benefits and entitlements. It was a significant piece of work looking across eight different companies, with each doing it’s own thing!

Finding your ‘ikigai’

Following the announcement of the merger, I have been heavily involved in the Employee Value Proposition (the People stream). This stream covers how a person should be treated, what is expected of them, their satisfaction levels and levels of accomplishment. One of our propositions is to offer a role in our business that contributes towards finding your ‘ikigai’ (a Japanese concept encompassing worth, meaning and purpose).

A constant theme and priority is identifying ways and means of embedding a ‘One-Team’ culture, through shared company values. We need to do this in day-to-day life, ensuring that we have the systems and practices in place that will allow our teams to flourish and work even better together, ultimately realising our organisational goals.

Work is underway with over two-thirds of our People Policies created and ready for the new company. We’ve also created a consistent People Team library so that our People Team is fully equipped to be able to support the business properly at the next level.

One Team

Our values and mission statement are pivotal to everything we do. We will be working with some of the specialists we have in-house  – and of course, everyone across the Group – in order to ensure that we capture the meaningful values that are at the heart of this organisation. The People Team will then use these as a basis to create and encourage the culture we strive for. 

Listening to you

We are identifying ways of improving our communication as a group and getting everyone on board with our vision and strategy. This will involve getting people motivated and excited about contributing to the vision that Neal has already shared with us. We have already introduced Employee Forums in our respective businesses as a means of improving two-way communication and facilitating effective Employee Voice mechanisms. This has recently extended out to create a Group/Change Forum with a group of people from each of our constituent businesses who are helping us through the Change Programme. It’s early days but so far the feedback has been positive.

Developing our teams

From a Talent Management perspective, we need to ensure we have a pool of people in the Group with the right skills for the right roles (not just at a senior level), in terms of the broader vision for the new organisation. The Organisational Design workstream will work closely with current business leaders and the People Team to ensure we succeed in this area. Over the coming period, the People Team will develop a Talent Management strategy, encouraging talent share across the Group, and embedding coaching and mentoring as the norm across the business.

It’s also important that as a business we have solid Performance Enhancement tools and processes available in the new company. We have introduced a consistent Performance Management and Salary Review process to some of our businesses and will continue this roll-out over the coming weeks. 

Reward and Recognition is one another one of our priorities – creating a positive culture, being clear, transparent and fair about what is rewarded and how, and making sure we recognise both performance and loyalty from our teams. We have a clear view now as to the differences in entitlements across the Panoply businesses, as well as competitor benchmarks, and we are starting to engage with our forums around what the ‘One Team’ offering could look like. This will be a Total Reward Package (pay, pension, learning, development and career progression, as well as other benefits).

We recognise that some of our businesses are not as diverse as we would like, so we will be working hard on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. We will be making improvements so that we are able to better recognise bias, educate our teams, promote and celebrate diversity, making our business an inclusive place of work, where everyone has a sense of belonging.

More to come soon

The Shared People Team was formed in the first quarter of this year and at present consists of two main parts – People/HR and Recruitment. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals and over the coming month, there will be a couple more additions to the team. We will then launch our People Team to you properly! 


It’s an exciting time ahead for us all with some great opportunities at a time of growth. If you would like to talk about anything People or Employee Value Proposition related, please feel free to contact me.


Nikki Hoare
Senior People Partner at TPX