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Pal Waehle

Partner of Bene Agere, Supporting owners and management in sustainably improving performance through ambitious change programs that deliver measurable bottom line results, sustained performance learning and dynamic market leadership

We are very happy for this opportunity to present ourselves to our UK and Bulgarian colleagues.

Next year we will celebrate our 15 years anniversary, so we have been around for a while!

What do we do?

We are management consultants that work with medium sized and large corporations in the private sector.

We enable them to take ambitions and strategies to measurable results, and we do it in a manner where we train and work through their people. So, ownership, accountability and learning from the change process is embedded with their people.

We are a methods based organisation, as opposed to many of our competitors who bring deep industry and functional subject matter expertise.

Since we are methods based, we can train new recruits graduating from university or business school to take on quite demanding roles early on.

We work with the top executives of our clients, and we do two types of engagements.

The first type is about supporting them in very complex change processes, of the type an executive encounters a few times in their career. These engagements are characterised by undertaking change and development in many dimensions at the same time.

One example is when in 2011 we supported the post-merger integration of the automatic clearing houses in Denmark and Norway, which became Nets. 190 of their people worked with merger and transformation planning in some 20 teams, we furnished the methodology to do the planning and to run the programme management office. Very few mergers succeed, and this one stands out as a very complex merger in an extremely dynamic market – and has been a great success.

Another example is supporting a new executive in a regional savings bank to grow profitably. This is the testimonial from the CEO

“Our industry is facing a digital revolution with changes in customer behaviour and a value chain that is challenged by new entrants. Bene Agere was a natural partner whenThe SpareBank1 BV Groupwas developing and implementing a strategy to meet the future. I have worked with Bene Agere for several years and the strategic roadmap applied by Bene Agere is very effective when a company needs to review and re-align the entire business.

Their strategy process and frameworks are great for setting direction, developing a strategy and arriving on an implementation plan that takes you in the desired direction, mobilize the organization for change, and drive the change initiatives effectively and results oriented.

The consultants in Bene Agere work with and through our employees and leave structural capital behind when they are finished so that we, ourselves, may continue the work on our own. The SpareBank1 BV Group currently has a clear strategy for the future, with service concepts and methods that satisfy both our local and digital customers. Bene Agere has given us the tools we need to master the future and achieve our goals and ambitions.”

Rune Fjeldstad, CEO SpareBank1 BV

Their balance has increased 56%, their revenue has almost doubled and their EBT has tripled since we started working with them in 2015.

The second type of projects we do are one dimensional, typically addressing one of the dimensions presented below:


For instance, we have

  • a method for owners to articulate their value adding ownership
  • a methodology to frame, express and cascade strategic planning processes across large, diversified corporations
  • a method to engage “the wisdom of the crowd” in innovation
  • a method for creating and cascading scorecards and engaging companies in continuous performance improvement.

To do both types of engagements, we have frameworks and methods to plan and run projects and programmes, and in some cases, we deliver Programme Management and even quality reviews of ongoing programmes on a standalone basis.

If you are in a setting where you need insight into a managerial topic or a framework, it is quite likely that we can help.

Although we are not deep industry experts, we are well acquainted with many industries;

  • Construction
  • Banking, financial services
  • Telecom
  • Oil and Gas and oil services
  • Hight tech industries
  • Wholesalers
  • Cruise and travel
  • Investment companies
  • Quarries
  • Recycling

Finally, to be able to do all this we are also quite good at selling to the higher ranks in an organisation, we may be able to support you on this as well.


So, what to look for;

Our go to market approach is all about building trust with the CEO. We often use an equation to explain this; it is Intimacy+credibility/risk+push. What we are trying to do in the first interactions is to create a dialogue where the CEO shares all hers/his “intimate” thoughts, vision, ambitions and frustration. We prepare thoroughly to build credibility, and lately we have been using all the capabilities of the group. Engaging on a complex transformation is risky and we try through case stories and references to de-risk using Bene Agere and TPXimpact. Last but not least we are hesitant to push too heavily, we have to create demand pull.

The first step in a complex transformation is something we call an explore workshop. This is a well prepared workshop, normally using material we get from the potential client and in the workshop we create a 0,1 version of their strategy roadmap.

We are looking forward to delivering great results to customers together with you!

If you would like to find out more or think we can help out with a project you are working on, drop me an email

Kind Regards

Pål Wæhle

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pal waehle
Pal Waehle

Partner of Bene Agere, Supporting owners and management in sustainably improving performance through ambitious change programs that deliver measurable bottom line results, sustained performance learning and dynamic market leadership