The simple answer to building successful technology teams

Questers' business model is based around a simple proposition: global, agile technology teams

Vesselin Drangajov
Head of Technology at Questers

Our company was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, more than ten years ago on a simple, yet powerful proposition. We believe that technology teams and excellence in delivery can be done successfully in an agile, global manner. The main prerequisites for our success were the strong and growing tech community, and a vision that organisations big and small can benefit from an open and transparent approach to enhancing their tech capacity.

TPXimpact believes an increasingly complex world needs new business models to achieve high impact outcomes for clients and their employees and more value for stakeholders. Like others in the group, we have expert teams with the scale required to confidently address our clients’ most pressing needs, as they navigate the rapidly changing nature of society and business.

Questers is not an outsourcing company – what we do is different in that we try to seamlessly grow, develop and make our client’s technology teams successful. Very much like a traditional business opening a new location in another city, we would expect our clients to share their standards, practices and approach when building a team with us. We’re here to help with our detailed experience of not only the local market but also the direction needed for successful remote delivery.

Vision and expertise

Our approach might be different from those of the past, but as the impact of covid-19 on the workplace in 2020 proved, our decision to build the company in this way really was the right one. Now almost every team is a remote team. Because we rely on a long term shared vision, even in this time of difficulty and uncertainty our clients have stood by us and our common projects. 

Over the years, the dedicated teams at Questers have specialised in many different industries and technologies. Since our foundation, we have successfully recruited: ML and AI engineers; mobile and web developers; DevOps and network people; and finance and business analysts. Our clients are everyone from billion-dollar financial firms, to enthusiastic start-ups, and established hardware manufacturers. 

There is however one shared approach and trait – one recipe for success – that all of our teams, managers, employees and developers share. It is something defeating simple – acceptance.

People are at the heart of success

Whenever our clients have approached their Questers operation as their own team, as the colleagues they can trust, support – if needed, challenge – but ultimately count on, they have been successful. The best results are always achieved by those clients who take an interest not only in the delivery they receive but also in the people and team that makes it possible. 

From a very practical standpoint, there is one single life hack that can make a huge difference when working with a distributed team – it’s your voice. When we communicate just by email, bug trackers or messenger, the context and emotion of what we want to say is lost. When under pressure many only read negative tones in these communications. That’s why, in addition to rigorous documentation and processes, we always recommend that our teams talk, carefully discussing why something is important. Such discussions lead to questions and ideas that often much improve the client’s technical plans and delivery. This direct and honest communication has not failed us. 

Ultimately this is also what makes us proud to be part of TPXimpact because we believe in the success of both the business and the people that make it. We have in our experience numerous achievements, awards and recognitions. Questers as an organisation have hired and furthered the careers of thousands of engineers and consultants. Yet another benchmark that makes us proud is how many of our former colleagues keep in touch with us for many years and personally recommend us as an employer.

As we grow and develop as a Group all of us here at Questers look forward to getting to know everyone at TPXimpact even better. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to build and scale even more successful tech teams for your clients too. 

We’ve been invited to talk at the next Panoply Webinar on the 15th February, where we’ll be looking at the Questers approach to Technical Recruitment. Please register for this event here and I look forward to seeing you then. 


Vesselin Drangajov
Head of Technology at Questers