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Luke Murphy
Head of Investor Relations & Communications

Head of Investor Relations & Communications for TPXimpact

TPXimpact Brand update and New Website.

I joined the panoply just over 4 months ago, and I remember one of my very first conversations was about how we bring TPXimpact branding and website into the 21st century, to build a brand that fits with our purpose and vision, delivers our messages and work to our communities and stakeholders.

The current website had a purpose, it got TPXimpact to IPO but now it was time to build a brand and a website that enabled us to provide more depth to our story, showcase work from across the group provide clarity to our purpose and justification to why We Are TPXimpact.

The team at Manifesto were brought on to tackle this task, with their expertise in branding, creative and strategy as well as they ever-growing trophy cabinet of awards including (The Drum Agency Business Awards 2018- Web Development Team of the Year,  The Drum Network Awards 2017 Charity Campaign / Strategy of the Year – Unicef UK Digital Strategy, Digital Technology Leader Awards, Website Project of the Year 2017 – Unicef UK Website And RAR Digital Award for Digital Animation 2017 ) having part of the Panoply family involved in refreshing the brand was a perfect fit.

Manifesto kicked off with a workshop with TPXimpact team to build a picture of where the brand was heading and what we wanted to achieve with a new website and look and feel. Following this, they carried out a deep dive into the current state of play, a competitor and landscape analysis.

By building a picture of where the brand has come from enabled the team to break down the ingredients needed to develop the brand further, picking apart the nuts and bolts of the brand and building it back up into something quite special and unique.

The tangram was a defining feature of TPXimpact, it was our badge, our logo and was what the rest of the branding could and should be built around. The different elements of the tangram could be split up to represent different parts of the group, different services and expertise. It could be working so much harder as a metaphor for the brand and how the group is working.

A simple update to the colour pallet provided a bolder and more accessible brand identity, one that was more grown-up, but playful and engaging at the same time. By breaking apart the tangram and using the individual parts we were able to create patterns that enabled us to build the concepts out for the new website.

However we wanted to humanise the brand, we did not want it to be a static business with no depth. Showing the people, purpose and work that make TPXimpact what it is today was crucial.

Alongside the creative project, a video and photography project were carried out, tasked with capturing the building block of TPXimpact, the people behind the brand and the work that we do.

Supporting great creative and great imagery needs great messaging, who we are, what we do and what we stand for needed to be clearly communicated. We were fully aware that on the previous website trying to understand what we do was incredibly hard. It was crucial that we could clearly articulate The Purpose of TPXimpact whether this is to investors, customers, internal or external stakeholders, or even your mate down the pub when he asks you “so TPXimpact what do they do?

We needed a clear tone of voice, that was not too corporate nor too childlike, easily digestible, light but informative.

The culmination of updated creative, new photography, clearly defined messaging has resulted in a brand that is now fit for purpose, one that as a group can propel us into helping tackle 21st-century problems with 21st-century solutions.

I am incredibly proud of the team that has worked long and hard to make this vision a reality and I would like to give a huge shout out to everyone at Manifesto, incredibly creative, professional and inspiring to work with!

Thank you,


Luke Murphy
Head of Investor Relations & Communications

Head of Investor Relations & Communications for TPXimpact