TPXimpact Family Grows (Again)

Neal Gandhi
Neal Gandhi
CEO of TPXimpact

As we step into the final month of our financial year I reflect on how far we have come as a Group, we have grown from four businesses to nine, from less than 30 people to over 250 and a family that spreads across the UK, Bulgaria and Norway. 

Our vision is to create a Panoply of experts, opinions, ideas and cultures that can deliver genuine change within an organisation to maximise the opportunities of the 21st century. 

I am pleased to see how this vision is becoming a reality as people across the business have driven the Group forward with great pride and passion. I appreciate this journey has seen a lot of change to date and that we have all evolved as people and as a group, however this journey has only just begun.

Our approach to growth is to help our existing companies grow as well as bringing new businesses that share our mission on-board. 

Today I would like to announce that Midlands-based change consultancy Ameo has become part of TPXimpact. 

Introduction to Ameo

For ten years, Ameo has been working with private and public sector organisations to deliver long-lasting, cost-effective and meaningful change across a wide range of areas, from financial reporting and process design to digital innovation. 

Since 2010, it has helped transform more than a hundred organisations. In local government, Ameo’s longest standing market, they have delivered more than 400 projects for councils. Recent examples include supporting the Local Government reorganisation for Dorset Council and the development and delivery of a new Council operating model for Warwickshire County Council.

Ameo also has considerable experience delivering projects across other sectors such as higher education, energy and utilities, and various industries within the private sector and for the year ended 30 October 2019 it reported unaudited revenues of £6.9m, and a normalised profit before tax of £1.0m

Ameo’s ethos is  to work as a true partner with it’s clients in order to develop sustainable solutions and improve the skills of its client’s teams.

Ameo will bring additional, complementary capabilities to the Group’s public sector offering, as well as extending our reach into this key market. 

The change delivery capability of Ameo, alongside the organisational and service design capability of FutureGov, and the backing of TPXimpact’s first-in-class technology businesses provides the basis for targeting and winning increasingly large digital transformation projects in the UK public sector.

An introduction from Ben Ward, Director of Ameo 


“Over the past decade we’ve built a highly knowledgeable team capable of delivering change across a range of industries and sectors. We recognise TPXimpact as a Group which compliments our approach to delivering projects that are genuinely empowering and transformational.

“The collaborative culture fostered within the Group will take us to the next stage in our evolution by expanding our existing service capabilities and expertise to bring new leading edge solutions to our clients challenges, particularly across service redesign, robotic process automation and, Applied AI and conversational interfaces. We are excited to begin work as part of the Group, and to take advantage of the many opportunities this collective strength brings.” 

Looking ahead 

TPXimpact is now a very strong disrupter to the incumbent large IT suppliers in the public sector. We represent a credible and viable alternative to the bloated, lazy and inefficient large suppliers that dominate this sector. We are passionate about driving forward the Group’s development in this area.

I  am very excited by the opportunity ahead, particularly as we begin to combine our service offer into specific vertical markets. We are beginning to reach critical mass in the public services sector and at the same time are starting to win substantially larger commercial sector clients. All of this bodes well for continued organic growth across the Group.

Please join me in welcoming Ameo to TPXimpact Group.


Neal Gandhi
Neal Gandhi
CEO of TPXimpact