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Bene Agere is different from most other management consultancies in how we work together with our client organisations, allowing them to be a part of the whole transformation process from beginning to end.

This not only ensures mobilization and ownership for the change needed, it leaves a competent organisation with change capacity even when our consultants pull out after the project is done.

Bene Agere is not limited by industry or functional specialisation; instead, we have a method-based approach that is proven to work across industry and functional boundaries. We have done engagements within finance and banking, high-tech, industrial manufacturing, defence, maritime, process industries, telecom, agriculture, building and ventilation, tourism, retail and wholesale, to mention a few. For more specific cases, please see our case stories.

Our methods are built on long time experience from our senior partners, and is a compilation of true-and-tested best practices as well built on deep insight of what really works.Bene Agere was founded to be different, do things differently and achieve what others cannot, working together towards a common goal.

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