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Advancing content personalisation with machine learning

Company: Notbinary

Client: BBC

Notbinary are working closely with BBC Datalab to power the next generation of BBC applications and services, and engage the next generation of TV licence-fee payers.

With content and audience data distributed across myriad, disconnected systems, and with content lacking metadata, the BBC was struggling to meet the needs of youth audiences, who expect the best content to be available to them in a single place, personalised to their preferences and interests.

As part of the BBC Datalab, Notbinary is leading software development and product management for the Content Graph, which brings together everything known about all BBC content in one place, and creates additional metadata via machine learning, to help identify content relevant to users’ interests and context.

Personalised content helped BBC iPlayer grow 11% in 2017, while the Content Graph is laying foundations for true service integration and real transformation – the first step on a journey to creating a Machine-Learning-as-a-Service capability for the BBC.

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