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Company: Manifesto

Client: Unicef UK

Manifesto helped Unicef UK take an audience-centred approach to delivering digital experiences. Based on extensive research and through creating strategy to engage multiple audience segments, the partnership is helping the children’s charity successfully innovative products and campaigns.

A redesign of Unicef UK’s website using user-centred design principles helped double conversion rates and gave editors the ability to engage users with powerful storytelling content through more flexible technology, a new content strategy and reusable design assets.

Making use of personalised video to entertain and educate about Unicef’s vital work in emergencies around the world, an interactive Christmas-themed adventure for children also captured the details of sympathetic parents, generation over 12,000 new fundraising leads.

Manifesto also helped expand Unicef UK’s ability to quickly produce video content to share their core story and build an understanding of the cause. Intensive collaboration produced a new visual style and bank of 2D assets for use across multiple campaigns and channels, while a new, award-winning brand film voiced by brand ambassador Michael Sheen helped explain the impact of donations.

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