Powered By Purpose

Delivering sustainable futures for our People, Planet and Community

We’re in an era of unprecedented change where the very fabric of society is being challenged. 

From climate change to social mobility, to mass automation, we want to do the right thing for people, our communities and our environment.

Our Values

One of the pillars of our Consistent Autonomy operating model is Culture of Cultures; we retain our individuality whilst delivering collectively. To enable this, we share a core set of values that inform and inspire those of our individual companies.

Collaboration for impact

We work together effectively. We believe that together we can achieve and deliver more and amplify our impact.

Ambition with inclusion

We are bold, challenging ourselves to be better. We know we need to bring people along on this journey.

Difference with authenticity

We value difference not just in gender, ethnicity and background but in personality, talent and perspective. It takes all types of attributes to make a great team.

Agility with trust

We are dynamic, modern, and agile as well as professional and safe. We bring the benefits of a small business together with the security larger businesses provide.