November is Community Action Month at TPXimpact

A time to connect and volunteer

Zheni Rasheva
Social Impact Coordinator

This year has certainly been challenging and it feels more and more important to make sure we’re finding different ways to make connections with the people around us – not only our colleagues, family, and friends, but also our local and wider communities.

Our focus on building businesses that have a positive impact in the world has been embedded within our culture right from the founding of TPXimpact. It’s been a difficult year for everyone worldwide but some members of the community have been affected more than the others. We believe that even small efforts can make a huge difference and there is a need now more than ever. 

As part of our 1% time pledge, everyone in TPXimpact can take paid time off to volunteer for causes in the communities in which they live and work. We are therefore really excited to be launching this year’s Community Action Month to focus on our collective goal of giving back to these areas.

Our positive impact

Community Action Month is about encouraging everyone in the Group to get involved in volunteer days and sharing stories. If everyone contributed just half a working day during November we would collectively gather a total 1,200 volunteer hours, which would be an amazing accomplishment!

Throughout the whole month of November we would present and promote organisation and ways in which you can support them with your time and effort.  Our desire is to inspire you to find a cause that you feel passionate about and would like to impact in a positive way.

Get involved however you can

In light of the restrictions in place for COVID-19 we are hoping to end up with a mixture of virtual and face to face activities. Of course, any volunteering must comply with the most recent government guidelines.

As a business you could use this initiative to reach out to your clients in the non-profit sector and find out if there are additional ways you can help right now. Alternatively, each week we’ll be sharing information about charities, organisations and volunteer platforms for you to find other ways to get involved and post updates every Monday on Slack.

We hope this Community Action Month will inspire you to continue making a difference in your area.


Zheni Rasheva
Social Impact Coordinator