Manifesto: waving its rainbow flag for diversity and inclusion

Conrad Viviers
Project Manager

Manifesto: waving its rainbow flag for diversity and inclusion

Manifesto hosted a range of activities to celebrate LGBTQ+ Worldwide Pride Month in June. Watching the news or reading presidential tweets these days can leave you with a feeling that winter is coming, which makes it all the more important this summer to celebrate Pride, diversity & inclusion.

This Pride Month marks the inauguration of Manifesto into Stonewall’s Diversity Championship program. Stonewall, an LGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion policy and lobbying charity, has been a client of Manifesto for a few years. To actively show Manifesto’s value of inclusion we have now become a client of Stonewall.

The Diversity Championship programme sets out to ensure:

“The best employers understand the need to take inclusivity seriously. They understand that staff should be able to bring their whole self to work. They understand inclusion drives better individual, business and organisational outcomes.” (

This is already in line with Manifesto’s culture and to showcase this we’ve worked with Stonewall to come up with a roadmap of activity for 2019/20.

While getting organised to deliver this plan, one of our most immediate actions is to formalise an LGBTQ+ and Allies working group across TPXimpact, which started as an informal RuPaul Drag Race Fan Club here in Manifesto.

Furthermore, Pride month is, at its core, about creating social change through celebration and embracing people for how they were born.

Here are a few things Manifesto organised and partook in during the month of June to celebrate Pride:

  • Celebrating Stonewall’s 30th birthday:
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 Finale Screening (celebrated with environmentally friendly glitter)
  • Drag Acts for the farewell party of our COO, Simon Bates
  • A wall celebrating icons from the LGBTQ+ community (colloqiually dubbed “Gay of the Day”), featuring icons such as Alan Turing and Virginia Woolf
  • An LGBTQ+ film night with pizza and beer
  • Rainbow heart stickers to put on laptops, notebooks, or wherever you like
  • LGBTQ+ themed novel chosen for the monthly book club: “Song of Achilles”
  • Manifestations attending London Pride together

The ripple effect of visibility in London is acceptance for all beyond borders. Planning to ensure that next year’s activity is even more visible has already begun.

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Conrad Viviers
Project Manager