Manifesto Launches the Rainbow Alliance

Manifesto has formally launched their LGBTQ+ and allies working group “The Manifesto Rainbow Alliance”.

Conrad Viviers
Project Manager

Who we are?

We are members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Our purpose is to have diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the agenda.

This means we act as a support structure within Manifesto to ensure that any colleagues or new starters who need support related to LGBTQ+ issues have somewhere to go, someone to turn to 

This includes anyone who might be struggling with their sexuality, to someone who is transitioning to a different gender identity. We share knowledge and help to educate on LGBTQ+ matters for anyone who would like to learn more.

We also work closely with recruitment to pursue a diverse range of candidates.

Events: supporting the community

We organise activities to support the members from the LGBTQ+ community, like engaging local universities’ LGBTQ+ societies to offer mentorship. 

We also show our support by going to events that stem from the LGBTQ+ community such as “Everyone is Talking About Jamie”.

With two new seasons of RuPaul due to launch this year, we’re planning to have weekly screenings to continue this long standing Manifesto tradition.

Currently the Rainbow Alliance sits within Manifesto & Deeson, however, anyone from TPXimpact is welcome to join events or seek support. All allies are always welcome!

If you’d like to join an event or if you need advice and support relating to an LGBTQ+ matter then please get in touch at

Read more of what Manifesto has done for the LGBTQ+ community here:


Conrad Viviers
Project Manager