QCA Code Compliance

We follow the QCA Code’s 10 principles of corporate governance. The below table explains TPXimpact’s practices against the principles so that you can evaluate how we apply the principles of corporate governance.

Reference Documents

The following pages should be read in conjunction with the table below.

Overview of TPXimpact

1. Establish a strategy and business model which promote long-term value for shareholders Overview of TPXimpact
2. Seek to understand and meet shareholder needs and expectations Overview of TPXimpact
3. Take into account wider stakeholder and social responsibilities and their implications for long-term success Overview of TPXimpact
4. Embed effective risk management, considering both opportunities and threats, throughout the organisation Governance
Maintain a Dynamic Management Framework Governance
5. Maintain the board as a well-functioning, balanced team led by the chair Governance
6. Ensure that between them the directors have the necessary up-to-date experience, skills and capabilities Governance
1. Evaluate board performance based on clear and relevant objectives, seeking continuous improvement Governance
8. Promote a corporate culture that is based on ethical values and behaviours Overview of TPXimpact
9. Maintain governance structures and processes that are fit for purpose and support good decision-making by the board Governance
10. Communicate how the company is governed and is performing by maintaining a dialogue with shareholders and other relevant stakeholders Overview of TPXimpact and Governance
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