Corporate Contributions Policy


At the Panoply, we are assembled for innovation. Our businesses are ambitious and brave and, through technology, are changing the working landscape. We are conscious of the impact that technology is having on the planet and communities we work with and know that innovation is not always good for everyone. That is why we are dedicated to safeguarding the future for people who may become displaced by technology. 

Areas of Engagement

The areas in which we are focusing our efforts as a business and collective of individuals are as follows People, Community and Planet:


Investing in the wellbeing of our workforce is a big part of our Purpose. We want to ensure there is equality of opportunity throughout the group by promoting and investing in emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.


One of our long term goals is to shape the boardrooms of tomorrow to be much more diverse and inclusive than they are today. We are investing in the future workforce to give them the skills that they will need to thrive in a changing workplace. Our focus areas for our community investment work are to empower vulnerable communities through technology and to provide access to opportunity and employment for diverse talent


The digital industry is responsible for around 1.4% of global emissions; putting it on a par with the aviation industry. Building a sustainable digital industry starts with understanding and raising awareness of its impact. We will invest in educating our teams, our industry and our clients by being open and honest.This transparency and vulnerability will be complemented by raising awareness, measuring and minimising our footprint, advocating for green internet services and operating as a carbon neutral business.


Each year, the Panoply will donate

  • 1% of our pre tax profits and

  • 1% of employees time

to invest in future proof skills in the communities in which our employees live and work. Leveraging the success of the business to achieve social good, we are donating a portion of our profits to charitable projects which are aligned to our Mission and Purpose. This pledge will help to ensure that the group’s philanthropic giving keeps pace with its business growth.


TPXimpact will distribute

  • strategic grants to fund internal programmes

in areas and locations where it can add additional value through its core business functions namely products & services and time & expertise. The remainder of it’s community investment budget will be dedicated to

  • supporting the group’s employees with their philanthropic passions and ambitions.

Application Procedure

1% of Time

Every permanent member of staff is entitled to 2 days (16 hours) additional leave to use forany purpose-driven activity (e.g. volunteering) a year (prorated). Volunteering, like holidays, should be requested in advance from the individual company’s HR system and tracked and reported through the Volunteering Log afterwards. Look up your individual company’s Volunteer Policy for the specific details.

Volunteering can be individual or a team activity (Community Action Days) with any nonprofit that an employee feels passionate about working with. Another volunteering alternative is participating in the internal Panoply programmes for building sustainable futures.

Community Action Day

Every September all teams across Europe come together for a cause they have individually selected for one day to promote volunteering and show the impact that we can make as a group. Date for 2020 still to be confirmed.

Internal Programmes

Future Leaders – A three months incubator programme for young entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. The programme is designed to help young people starting their business gain access to business expertise, getting first hand insights on how to run a business and learn about the different functions of a company. You can become a mentor to a young entrepreneur or host one of the weekly Careers Coaching webinars throughout the programme. The 2020 Future Leaders programme will take place from June till September.

Enterprise Challenge – TPXimpact Enterprise Challenge is designed to inspire secondary school students from underrepresented backgrounds to be entrepreneurial. Throughout the programme, students are exposed to lots of different people, skills and careers through a mixture of classwork and volunteer interaction. You can join the programme for one class and present your profession and why you’ve chosen that path.

1% of Profit

We want our donations to have a tangible impact on the communities we support, which  is why we are always trying to tie up the monetary value with all the other assets our business and employees have to offer like expertise, services, time and products. That is why a big part of the budget goes into internal programmes like Future Leaders in which we are able to engage a lot of the talent and culture we have in the group.

The rest is distributed towards causes and foundations our employees feel really passionate about. There are two permanent fundraising opportunities throughout the year:

Community Grants

To support local charities and initiatives that are aligned to the group’s purpose employees can apply for a Community Grant. To provide an additional boost to charities and or initiatives that our employees are supporting we will be providing any member of the group who has volunteered more than 16 hours (and has logged them in the Volunteer Log) access to one of five £1000 grants to donate to a charity or infinitive of their choice.

Christmas Give

TPXimpact is  donating £25 on behalf of every employee to a charity of their choosing  to celebrate the season of giving. Each company shortlists 4 charities that their employees can choose from, so that the accumulated amount of individual donations could really make a difference.

Grant Restrictions

  • Volunteering or grant donation must be done with an approved eligible nonprofit organisation.

  • An eligible nonprofit organisation is one that is legally registered and recognised as a nonprofit carrying out public benefit work in the country / countries in which it operates

 The final decision on the eligibility of any organisation will be taken by the The Impact Squad.

  • No VTO activity or grant donation can be done with any organisation that discriminates on any grounds or could in any way damage TPXimpact’s reputation or brand or bring the company into disrepute.

No political or religious activities can be carried out as VTO or contributed with donations.Volunteering/grant donations can be done with faith-based organisations when the activity is charitable in nature and not limited to or in promotion of a particular faith.

Volunteering/grant donations can be done with sports organisations only when the primary purpose of the sporting activity is charitable in nature.

Fundraising activities (such as sponsored runs, cash collections etc.) can be considered as volunteering activities as long as there is a clear social benefit.