Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance


The environmental impact of the fourth industrial revolution has been vastly underestimated. With a carbon footprint today equaling the aviation industry, we want to raise awareness of this and work with our industry to minimise its impact.


As change occurs its important to have a multitude of voices at the table, to avoid issues such as unconscious bias. As a consequence we support people from a broad range of backgrounds to become part of our industry.

During periods of upheaval, communities face the threat of being left behind, we want to ensure those communities thrive and have a meaningful stake in the future.

Corporate Contributions Policy

People, Community and Planet

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Corporate Governance

We are committed to operating proper standards of good corporate governance and have established a corporate governance model based on the key principles of the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (“QCA Code”)

Board of Directors

TPXimpact Board

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Corporate Governance

Board composition, experience, and independence

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QCA Code Compliance

Practices and Principles

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Code of Conduct

Adoption, Adaption and Implementation

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Statements under section 172 of the Companies Act 2006

Section 172 Statement

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