Improving Access to Vaccination Information

In conversation with Emily Gaizely co-founder of VacTrack and member of the Panoply Future Leaders Programme

Emily Gaizley
Co-founder at VacTrack

Over the last year, every aspect of our lives has been infiltrated by pandemic talk. But more recently, conversations have moved on to vaccines, their development, rollout and management.     

This month we have been lucky enough to hear about another of the success stories coming out of last year’s Future Leaders Programme when we caught up with Emily Gaizely to talk about VacTrack, her experience of the Future Leaders Programme and the impact it has had on both her and her business.

VacTrack is a free digital health app aiming to improve access and adherence to vaccinations. They recently announced their partnership with the London Vaccination Clinic to deliver the app amid the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Why did you apply for the Future Programme?
We applied to the Future Leaders Programme because the values it promotes completely set it apart from other accelerator programmes. Not only does the Future Leaders Programme deliver on industry-leading advice and practical guidance for companies at varying stages of development, but it also allows you to grow a vision for your business with core values at the centre, and encourages you to think about social, environmental and economic impact.  

Why do you think it is important that business leaders of the future look different than the boardrooms of today?
We must move forward and strive for more diverse boardrooms because we need people with different life experiences, from different backgrounds to shape the way we do business so that we can create more successful and inclusive services and products, for all. 

Can you talk a little bit about your experience on the programme?
In short: we joined the Future Leaders Programme with a mission and a product and left with a business. 

My experience on the programme definitely exceeded expectations. The opportunity to talk to my peers and fellow entrepreneurs helped me with the day-to-day running of VacTrack, but also helped me think about the long-term vision of the company. The community created by the programme was definitely the highlight for me, and these relationships will last a lifetime.  

In what ways have you grown professionally or personally through the incubator?
From a personal perspective, the Future Leaders Programme helped me gain confidence and feel optimistic about the future of VacTrack. This personal development was directly linked to the professional help and advice delivered during the programme. The scope of the workshops and topics covered enabled me to build a complete strategy with a focus on our core values as a company. The workshops covered everything from financials, sales, pitching, marketing and environmental impact which particularly resonated with me and definitely shaped the way VacTrack will operate in the future.  

What would you say has helped you the most?
The opportunity to take part in the mentorship scheme led by FutureGov has been invaluable. They have industry expertise in the market VacTrack is entering and have helped me build a commercial strategy around a realistic client-base and timeline. They have also helped me develop a marketing approach with practical advice to allow me to implement changes and pivot where necessary.   

Why do you think there is a need for programmes like this?
The Future Leaders Programme is important because it confronts systemic social issues head-on. It actively promotes and supports diversity and inclusion in an industry which has historically been impenetrable to talent from different backgrounds. The skills, expertise and network opportunities offered by the Future Leaders Programme have undoubtedly helped me to grow VacTrack in an environment where these values are shared. The Future Leaders Programme enables like-minded people to come together and forge long-term partnerships. 

What have you achieved since finishing the programme?
Since finishing the Future Leaders Programme, the UK has been subject to another two national lockdowns and seen two vaccines approved for use. The current climate has meant we have adapted our product to include features that help individuals store their Covid-19 certificate digitally.   

We have been featured alongside Bill Gates in Finito World magazine, talking about how digital solutions could help us solve some of the biggest global health challenges. We also received funding to complete product development, and are excited to announce that the app will be available in the UK, for free, from February 1st.  

You can find out more about VacTrack and download the app here:

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Emily Gaizley
Co-founder at VacTrack