Growing our Impact Team

We are delighted to announce that Zheni Rasheva and Neil Clark will be joining the Panoply Impact team to expand and strengthen our People, Planet and Community programmes.

Zheni Rasheva – Impact Coordinator

Zheni will be working full time as the Impact Coordinator. She will be delivering all of our ‘Sustainable Futures’ community programmes and supporting our businesses with their employee wellbeing, satisfaction and D&I work. Get in touch for help with;

  • Volunteering enquiries and community investment programmes
  • Diversity & Inclusion, wellbeing projects
  • Impact reporting

“In my career path so far I’ve discovered there is one common key for success and that’s putting people first. As a part of my never-ending thirst for knowledge and ambition to challenge myself, I’ve gathered experience in different fields of the business world.

I’ve worked in marketing, HR and M&A and although those don’t seem correlated, one thing remained the same – it’s not the department you are in or how good you are at your job, what makes a business really great is the impact of all it’s employees as a collective.

Equality, the opportunity to be heard and having an outlet to drive positive change is what I am passionate about and believe could make a difference both in the business world and our own personal lives, so I am very enthusiastic to be diving into the deep ends of Social Impact.”


Neil Clark – Environmental Strategist

Neil is currently Service Design Lead at Manifesto, in combination with this role he will now be working two days each week as TPXimpact’s Environmental Strategist. He will be helping to ensure that our current and future business operations are environmentally sustainable. Get in touch for help with;

  • Carbon reporting and reductions
  • Company environmental policies and initiatives
  • Support with sustainability sections for bids

“I am unashamedly passionate about helping to save the planet and everything that calls it home. In my professional life I work to enable people to do stuff easily, which I think sums up the likes of service design, design thinking, business analysis, product ownership and agile methodologies, all of which I have practised for most of my career.

Over the last year I have been lucky enough to start to bring my passion for raising awareness, and lessening, of the climate emergency into work. I am surprised every day by the new things I discover about the impact of the digital industry on the planet.

I am working on multiple services, tools and products to help share that awareness as well as implement solutions ranging from the easy to the socially challenging.”

Bryony Wilde
Bryony Wilde
Head of Impact