Global Climate Strike Week

Did you know that the internet uses almost 10% of the world’s electricity? Nope neither did we. It’s facts like this that have led us to commit to building a more sustainable digital industry.

We know that we are facing an imminent climate and ecological crisis. We have been working to understand the impact of our work and find ways in which we can be part of the solution. Business as usual is not a legitimate option anymore so we will be publishing the steps that we’re taking to help facilitate change over the next 12 months. You can take a look at them here.

We’re looking at how we do things. As a group, our ‘direct’ carbon emissions are very small (just 0.23 tonnes per employee last year) but we are looking at ways in which we can measure and reduce that impact further. We are aware however that the services and products that we create and the eco-system in which we exist does leave a significant footprint.

We’re looking at how we can influence the behaviour of our industry. During the week of the climate strikes (20th – 27thSeptember) we will be running an awareness campaign on our sites, sharing our learnings about the carbon footprint of the digital economy. Later in the month we will be kicking off a project with The Green Web Foundation to train up ‘digital sustainability champions’ within the group who will have the knowledge and the tools to make more environmentally responsible supply chain choices for us and for our clients.

We’re supporting the Global Climate Action. Next week, thousands of people are taking to the streets to demand action. We’re encouraging staff to stand in solidarity with young climate strikers and join a march in their area.

To sign up for Global Climate Strike and find an event near you, please visit:

Bryony Wilde
Bryony Wilde
Head of Impact