Closing the gaps that exist in our business and wider industry

We are working to ensure sustainable futures for all of its people through a focus on employee wellbeing & satisfaction and workforce diversity,  inclusion  & equality.

Never have these issues been more important.  This last year has tested us all and has blurred the lines between home and work in a way we have never seen before. Employers have had to step up and take accountability for the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees.

We have also seen the world finally say that enough is enough in terms of systemic inequalities. We must all do more to call out and tackle inequalities.

 As the headlines move on, we must ensure that our efforts and commitment to these issues do not waiver.

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of our workforce are women
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of our workforce have access to our EAP programme
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workforce growth
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of our gaps are closed
Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

We believe that diversity is both a cause and a consequence of inclusive environments which is why it is so important that we continue to track how diverse and representative our workforce is.