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Luke Murphy
Head of Investor Relations & Communications

Head of Investor Relations & Communications for TPXimpact

What is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?

An EAP is a confidential employee benefit designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home life or work life, health and general wellbeing. Balancing everyday life with the requirements of work and home can create pressures for all of us. Especially in a period like this it is vital to ensure that there’s a productive, healthy environment that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. That is why Health Assured, in partnership with TPXimpact, provides all employees with complimentary access to an enhanced Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to assist you in achieving this balance.


Counselling Services Available:

Health Assured offers cover for you and your immediate family members*, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:

● Life support: Unlimited access to counselling for emotional problems and a pathway to structured telephone counselling or face-to-face counselling sessions (employees only) at your convenience.

● Legal information : For any issues that cause anxiety or distress including debt management, accountancy, lawsuits, consumer disputes, property or neighbour legalities (employees only).

● Bereavement support: Health Assured offers qualified and experienced counsellors who can help with grief and related stress plus a team of legal advisors to help with legal issues.

● Medical information: Qualified nurses are on hand to offer advice on a range of medical or health related issues. They can’t diagnose but can offer a sympathetic ear and practical information and advice.

● CBT online: We recognise the value of self-help tools in dealing with a range of issues, which is why we have a range of CBT self-help modules, informative factsheets and invaluable advice videos from leading qualified counsellors.

Additional Wellbeing Services:

Wellbeing Portal

In addition to the counselling support and advice, Health Assured also offers a virtual library of wellbeing information. These informative articles and self-help guides provide support on a range of health and advisory issues, as well as instant guidance to aid an employee’s physical and mental health.

● Interactive health assessment providing personal tailor-made dietary tips and fitness plans

● Fitness and lifestyle advice, such as detoxing methods

● Four week self-help programmes

● Mini health checks

● Financial wellbeing articles

Health e-Hub Mobile App

The free Health Assured app offers access to holistic health and wellbeing support at the tap of a finger anywhere and anytime.

● Support videos and webinars

● Four-week programmes

● Home life support and advice

● Work life assistance

● Physical and emotional health

● Mini health checks

● Life Support

● Emotional Health

● Physical Health

● Online CBT

● Wellbeing videos and webinars

● Medical information

How to get started?

● Call the FREE number 0800 028 0199 , to speak directly with someone for help with mental health, physical health, legal advice and more.

● Access the Wellbeing Portal or download the e-Hub App for webinars, videos and articles about physical and mental health and wellbeing with the following login credentials

For the Username and Password please email Zheni.rasheva@investors.tpximpact.com 

Luke Murphy
Head of Investor Relations & Communications

Head of Investor Relations & Communications for TPXimpact