Understanding the skills & capabilities needed to set the safety tech sector up for success

Department for Culture, Media & Sport

Why does it matter?

As internet use grows, so too does the potential to inflict harm on users. The safety tech sector provides solutions to protect users from online harms, and it’s growing rapidly, expecting to see £1bn revenue by 2024. It will need the right people, with the right skills and capabilities, in order to create and sustain that growth.

How did we improve it?

Our recommendations for government and industry are designed to ensure that (1) safety tech has access to the technology talent it needs; (2) the workforce represents the people safety tech protects; (3) data privacy and security are prioritised and (4) users are kept at the centre of product development.

Who does it matter to?

The project audience is government and the safety tech industry; the recommendations will impact any citizens vulnerable to online harms.

Why was this radical?

The challenges safety tech faces – diversity, talent, privacy – are shared across tech, but experienced to a more pressing degree by this sector. DCMS and safety tech businesses are implementing the scaffolding for this young sector to become an exemplar for the industry, while supporting its fast yet sustainable growth.