Understanding resident need in a crisis: supporting Camden Council’s response to Covid-19

Camden Council

Why does it matter?

Camden Council recognised early that when facing the community-wide and long-term challenges of COVID-19, a radically different approach was needed. Working with council colleagues, we enhanced existing services; focused on early intervention and prevention, and strengthened through partnership across council services and VCS to meet resident needs and identify future needs

How did we improve it?

We identified situations that could lead people to need support as a result of Covid-19. We mapped food services to reduce food poverty, built a service directory helping residents find services and built Beacon, enabling councils to capture resident needs, connect them to support and ensure needs are met.

Who does it matter to?

This work had the most direct impact to Camden residents, but sets an example to wider public sector organisations looking to replicate and build a radically new approach to true collaborative working across council services and with the voluntary and community sector to create the best outcomes for their places.

Why was this radical?

This work allowed staff to coordinate and deliver support at pace and scale; designing a truly multidisciplinary team approach with functionalities to collaborate with VCS organisations and increase capacity for support, and ultimately, understand people‘s needs holistically, ensuring they get the right support from the right service at the earliest opportunity.