Translating a social mission into an immersive online learning experience

Holocaust Education Trust

Why does it matter?

The learning platform had to be interactive, engaging and accessible, but mostly, it had to maintain the human element of the in-person trips. This project is the first step forward in working with new and emerging technologies, with exciting plans to combine the digital experience with the physical trips when they continue.

How did we improve it?

Students can take part in live seminars guided by experts on the Holocaust. Content includes a first-hand testimony from a Holocaust survivor, a virtual site-visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum as it is today, and voice recognition-based Q&As. Over 400 students have enrolled since its launch in March.

Who does it matter to?

Getting the basics right while pushing the boundaries of an online learning experience ensures the core messages are lifted beyond the confines of a laptop screen. The platform has reduced barriers to access HET’s learning material and effectively extended the reach and influence of this charity and their important message.

Why was this radical?

This marks the first time HET has digitised an offline experience; making it instantly more accessible. Light page loads will allow students to access the platform on-site when in-person trips resume. Digitising the administrative process supports a higher intake, vital to continue the teachings around the tragedy that is the Holocoaust.