Supporting local government reorganisation

Buckinghamshire Council


We recently supported Buckinghamshire’s transition to a single unitary authority, making sure they were able to maintain their service delivery for residents. The council delivered the programme through their internal team but recognised the need for support and insight to improve their approach and overall governance of the change programme.


We started with a review of the programme’s initial set up and plan, revealing areas for improvement. We then led several crucial projects within the programme that included reviewing the approach to fees and charging, rebranding for the new council, the ICT workstream including access control and the new intranet.

We coached the council’s internal team to enhance their approach, sharing our extensive experience in delivering complex projects and supporting other unitary programmes. Our advisory role also included helping the programme director target areas we felt were cause for concern, working together to decide upon the best solution quickly.

To make sure activity was prioritised to meet core deliverables and milestones, we supported the internal team to review their milestones and dependencies to keep the workload manageable.

We developed a real-time programme assessment model to show the impact of the slippage versus the reality of the delivery, broken down to align the governance structure of the programme. We also ran go-live readiness assessments to identify any operational challenges which may exist on day one, creating areas of focus for the team.

With the council’s PMO lead, we helped oversee a successful vesting date as all other resources were deferred onto Covid-19 response. We then worked with the service directors to review these outstanding deliverables and make sure they were handed over to business as usual.

“It was a real privilege to play a part in helping the councils to deliver their vision”

Mike Dearing, Executive Director – Transformation, TPXimpact


Despite the enormity of the change, the new council successfully went live during Covid-19 with no impact on the services residents received. The new council can now continue on its journey to deliver outstanding services to its residents consistently across the county of Buckinghamshire.