Fully managed IaaS/PaaS for Rural Payments CAP platform (Common Agricultural Policy)

Rural Payments Agency

Why does it matter?

The failed implementation of the new digital-by-default online service, left the RPA with problems such as;

An IT Solution requiring 300 concurrent users, consistently crashing at just 21 logons

No Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Environments

30+ uncontrolled environments and teams inherited, with total run rate of £34M p/a

How did we improve it?

Through our design, build and transformation led programme we delivered a system architecture and performance that could support over 3,000 concurrent users (10x the original requirement) by the claims window period time frame.

Who does it matter to?

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) is an executive agency of the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The RPA delivers the European Union (EU) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) payments to farmers and traders in England, paying out over £2 billion in subsidies each year across 80,000+ claimants.

Why was this radical?

This poorly performing and expensive system was re-architected, transformed, migrated and then optimised for performance and value, resulting in a highly performant, high capacity platform with significant improvement over original requirements and an annual run cost of £5.5M; saving £28.5M p/a.