Connecting vulnerable citizens with supermarkets to access priority delivery slots

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Why does it matter?

This was a significant part of the government response to Covid providing necessary support to vulnerable people unable to food shop or use online services during lockdown/shielding periods

How did we improve it?

Working directly with Defra, our stakeholders, local authorities, and retailers, our collaborative approach quickly identified the core needs of the users and we developed the initial portal within 48 hours of receiving the requirement. The portal itself was in Production in 5 days having traversed governance, security control and a GDS assessment.

Who does it matter to?

All individuals who were classified as vulnerable and shielding during the pandemic

Why was this radical?

Engaged by Defra to rapidly respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. We needed to assemble a team and produce a portal allowing for the referral within 7 days. The service was specifically mentioned by ministers during the daily briefings to the UK and two of our team received MBE’s for services.