A child-friendly design and platform experience for the Child Exploitation and Online protection Command (CEOP)

National Crime Agency

Why does it matter?

Thinkuknow is an education programme designed to protect children both online and offline. The new website design needed to be a fun and engaging tool for children to use, reinforcing the message that they can always talk to a trusted adult if they feel in any way distressed or uncomfortable. It also needed to empower parents and carers to have online safety conversations with 4 – 7 year olds. 

How did we improve it?

We developed a gamified experience for children using animation and interaction. We enabled the children to win badges and print certificates that they could colour in and keep. We created four badges to cover the four scenarios children are exposed to; sharing pictures, playing games, watching videos and chatting online. Collecting stars and badges helped to keep them engaged, and created a personal experience for each child. 

Who does it matter to?

4 – 7 year old children who use phones, tablets or computers were the primary audience, and parents, carers or teachers having online safety conversations with children are the secondary audience. 

Why was this radical?

We created tailored interviews for each user group, including a child psychologist, 4-7 year olds, parents, and teachers. We tested an early prototype with our subject children in order to establish the right tone for the audience. Not only did the results from the prototype inform our design direction, but the children were also heard asking their parents when they could use the website again.