Building a remote but fully-integrated development team


Questers helped digital retail consultancy Javelin Group expand their systems integration services capabilities by establishing a remote development centre in Bulgaria, assisting the recruitment and integration of a growing distributed development team to ensure consistency of client service.

The challenge:

Remote development without compromising quality

In 2008 the demand for Javelin Group’s systems integration services was growing, but there was a need to reduce rates without compromising quality in order to remain competitive. Setting out to establish a remote development centre, their search was guided by the principle that the team could only deliver up to Javelin Group standards if it was fully integrated with the company’s team, which meant that it should operate at the same time as its London counterpart, feel part of the company, and share its culture. After conducting a feasibility study of potential cities, Javelin Group settled on Bulgaria, where they found not just a wealth of talent but also a remarkable similarity to the British work culture, ethos, and sense of humour.

The solution:

Integrating a distributed team into company culture

Questers helped Javelin Group establish a remote development centre in Sofia, starting with a small team of four exceptionally talented developers brought in to bolster systems integration projects led from London. Working in close collaboration with Javelin Group, Questers’ qualified recruitment and HR teams took care of all administrative, recruitment and employment aspects of this new partnership. The talented people who were hired soon progressed and it was not long before Sofia had its own Lead Developers steering major client projects. Following this success, Javelin Group branched out to set up a Technical Support team based entirely out of Sofia, and other roles, such as QAs and infrastructure engineers were introduced to further support projects.

The outcome:

Growing capacity which maintains consistent service

Six years on and Javelin Group has a team of 70 people across a variety of disciplines and offices in both Sofia and Plovdiv. Javelin Group quickly discovered that clients do not mind where team members live; what they care about is how they are looked after. Javelin Group recruits very carefully – employing only those who extoll the company’s values – and, through intra-office travel, aligned office environments, high-quality video conferencing equipment, and inclusive communication, works to ensure the distributed team feels like part of the company. As a result, the service provided to clients remains consistent.


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