A sustainable Drupal 9 web build for the Climate Group

The Climate Group

Why does it matter?

Website users have no say in how much energy a website eats up. So it was down to our developers to set a new standard. Putting the environment at the heart of the project we re-shaped the criteria of what really makes for a ‘successful’ website.

How did we improve it?

Emissions have decreased by a projected 91% across the sites, and page weights cut by 50%. In turn, average page load time has halved, increasing the website’s overall SEO and security rankings. As a result, more than 200 trees can focus on emissions elsewhere for the next year

Who does it matter to?

With the digital industry emitting more carbon than the aviation industry, this project approach should be considered by any organisation looking to not only rebuild, but improve their web estate.

Why was this radical?

We embarked on what might just be one of the world’s first ever sustainable web builds. Changing our approach led to radical new approaches, such as rewriting our Drupal templates, rebuilding the video player, replacing it with static images in order to prevent YouTube scripts from loading, and rebranding to a much darker pallet to conserve energy produced by LED screens.