Building communities of practice

Holly Davis
Delivery Director at Deeson

Last week, Deeson organised an event for delivery managers of the Panoply, giving attendees the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas for a better, more collaborative future.

In December 2018, Deeson became part of The Panoply: a purpose-driven public company helping people and organisations to successfully navigate the fourth industrial revolution.

TPXimpact currently consists of nine companies offering a variety of different digital services that seek to complement each other.

Although business, as usual, remains largely the same, as we continue to operate as separate companies, being part of something bigger than ourselves is opening up lots of new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

As a small delivery team at Deeson, we were particularly keen to start meeting some of our peers across the group to kickstart conversations about how we might share best practice across the group in the year ahead.

Mariola, a delivery manager in the Deeson team, organised and hosted an event which saw seventeen people from FutureGov, Not Binary, Manifesto and Greenshoot Labs share their individual highlights and challenges from last year

here were some common themes amongst the group, which we then explored in smaller groups and offered up solutions to some of the challenges that other companies had started to solve.

As the conversations started, we naturally started to talk about how we can share resources and provide consistency in the ways we work to allow for easier collaboration on projects in the future. 

We ended the session with a ‘how might we’ brainstorm, thinking about ideas for continuing the conversation. 

Some of our initial thoughts:

  • Deep dive sessions on specific clients/projects – talking in more detail about how you delivered the project, the challenges you faced and what worked well
  • A ‘day in the shoes of’ – allowing shadowing within the group 
  • A delivery manager ‘squad’ – consisting of a delivery representative from each company who meet regularly to share learnings
  • Retrospective for delivery managers – time to share things that are working well  
  • A ‘Speak to me about’ Trello board – each delivery manager provided a quick crib sheet about what other people can pick their brains about
  • A shared knowledge bank – templates and resources to use across the group.

Suddenly, our small delivery chapter at Deeson has a wealth of knowledge and expertise we can draw upon.

 I’m personally really excited about getting to know everyone better and seeing what we can achieve together over the coming months.


Holly Davis
Delivery Director at Deeson