A day in the life - Rachael Sutherland

Lead Designer at Deeson

What are you currently working on?
Over the years I’ve enjoyed designing and coding for clients including Royal collection Trust (I love popping into St James’ Palace), Robbie Williams, LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) and Barnardo’s.

I work across a lot of projects at one time. My most active project right now is phase 2 of the new foundry4 website and looking ahead to the new Deeson website. My 3rd Deeson website in 8 years.


What is the most challenging aspect of your role? It can be quite challenging juggling jumping between all my different roles. I might be editing the code for one client, checking the accessibility for a new client or designing a brand/new website. 


My role at Deeson has evolved over the years pushing me to learn so many new things. As a young print designer, while learning to design for the web I also learnt how to frontend code. When my role evolved to cover UX I used my experience to complete a UX course. In recent years I have deepened my knowledge in accessibility becoming Deeson’s accessibility champion, meanwhile learning how to animate web interactions in code and animation tools. 


What would you say are three key attributes required for the role? Creativity, passion to learn and organisation. 


What most excites you about your role, what gets you up in the morning? I like working for a client with a loose brand that I can develop and have fun. I also like when someone needs an illustration that I can work on, while listening to a podcast. 


What are you currently reading, can you recommend anything? I am currently reading Michelle Obama’s, Becoming. I recommend her book, podcast, and documentary on Netflix.

Cats or dogs? DOGS all the way. I grew up with German Shepherds

Rachel Sutherland
Lead Designer at Deeson