A day in the life - Kelly Earle

Head of Marketing & Communications at FutureGov

What are you currently working on?

Beyond our BAU work, a lengthy shopping list of supporting the team to translate our work into compelling marketing content, we’re currently working on things like:

  • rebranding the company and rebuilding our website, something a long time coming that I’m very excited to do for every reason you could think of (hellooooo functioning CMS!)
  • launching two virtual autumn event series, both leadership discussions and some form of remote roadshow, details TBD
  • gearing up for the autumn event season, arranging briefs to speak at big events like Solace
  • expanding the team! We’ve recently hired an Events Manager, just brought on a comms and content specialist contractor for client work and we’re currently looking for a content producer to straddle both client work and FG projects
  • defining the brief for a new content series, focused on people


What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

I guess you could say it’s context switching, though that’s probably my favorite bit. In a small window of time I can go from conversations around the right shade of a colour to analysing word usage to strategic positioning.

I love that my role means being across everything in varying capacities and being positioned to help draw connections between all the pieces, then crafting a message to support where we’re at and where we want to be.


What would you say are three key attributes required for the role?

Vision, listening and an obsession with words. But more than anything, it’s those things together which give a two-sided ability to get inside someone’s head and to have their voice in my own head.

Listening (and questioning), understanding differing visions and understanding language, we can do more than just hear what someone is saying but actually help draw out the real meaning and translate that into something useful. 


What most excites you about your role, what gets you up in the morning?

I started working at a young age for the sole purpose of getting to where I’m at today. I couldn’t see the point in waiting. I also changed career paths a few times within that to find something meaningful and fulfilling.

Not to be a huge sap, but I’ve found these things at FutureGov. I get to do work I love, that I’m really good at, in a place that’s helped me achieve my goals, and, I get to support other passionate people. I’ll get up for those things any day. 


What are you currently reading, can you recommend anything?

I have to say, I find it a challenge to make time for reading. And beyond just time, my role is so consumed by words, by structure, narrative and stories that when I do lift my head and look around, the last thing I want to do is read more. But, I have been rewatching the late Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown

It’s an interesting exercise to watch this now fairly old, episodic show (which I would have only passively watched on TV when it happened to be on when I happened to be at my parents house because I haven’t had cable for over a decade) straight through.

Even as a passive watcher of this series, I’ve always been a huge Bourdain fan. Rewatching him in any capacity is a breath of narrative fresh air. So blunt, so clear, so unencumbered by the idea of trying to make anyone feel better about a gritty past. It’s just phenomenal. Every jarring word feels like it’s digging a shovel into my brain, removing the debris and leaving space to be energised by honesty. 


Cats or dogs?

Dogs always. This is Toba, he’s also from Idaho.

Kelly Earle
Head of Marketing & Communications at FutureGov